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The cornerstone of our work each year for our members is providing a constant stream of quality professional development seminars and conferences. 


Wether it  is trying to answer that little detail that is holding you up from finishing that plan or the need for a specialist in an IH area, AIHA Saint Louis is here for you to help solve the problem.  

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Each year we are engaging the next generations of STEM focused people to aid in the occupational safety and health areas.  

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2019 PDC for AIHA/ASSE

Save the Date - March 4th, 2019 - Speaker and topics forthcoming. 


Want to be part of this exciting group of smart occupational safety and health professionals?  

Board of Directors

The team of tireless professionals keeping the plates spinning to help further Occupational Safety & Health 

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Have a need for someone in the occupational health and safety fields? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know and we will share it with our network! 

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Where you can get the great shirts you see around our St. Louis Section.  http://aiha.qbstores.com

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Founded in 1949, the St. Louis Local Section is composed of over 100 highly trained professionals who service the communities' environmental and occupational health needs. Most members are industrial hygienists employed by large corporations, universities, regulatory agencies, private consulting firms, and within companies that service, sell, and distribute occupational health / safety products.

The St. Louis Section is dedicated to jointly promoting the purpose of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) as set forth in its Articles of Incorporation, within the geographical boundaries of Eastern Missouri and Southwestern Illinois.​​​​​​​

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AIHA Saint Louis Local Section

Board of Directors - 2018

President - Richard Shoaf, JD, CFI

Pres. Elect - Rachael Phillips, MPH

(314) 349-9206

Secretary - John Malone, CSP, CIH

(314) 606-5313

Treasurer - Don Ridenhower, CIH

Environmental Health & Safety Solutions
(314) 565-9877

Past President - Matt Orr, CSP, CIH

(314) 326-1397

Director - Mike McCormick, CSP

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
(314) 803-0219

Director - Donn Cahill, CSP, CIH

(314) 393-4251

Director - Chris Merli, CSP, CIH

Chris' Safety and Health Consulting, Inc.


(314) 805-3232

Media Coord. - Marcia Kram, CIH

Independent Consultant


(314) 409-4238